Sending Sensitive Information to Non-secure Email Addresses

All emails that New Wokingham Road Surgery send must meet the secure email standard so that everyone can be sure that sensitive and confidential information is kept secure. Sending personal data to a non-secure email address (such as Hotmail) is in breach of data protection, unless it is encrypted. Password protecting a document does not provide sufficient level of security for sending personal data.

When you receive an encrypted email from us (our emails will always end, it will contain a link to access the encrypted message. Please follow the instructions within the email. You will need to register for an account with the NHSmail encryption provider, Egress. You should only need to register once.

For further information about how to access encrypted emails, please see the guide: Accessing Encrypted Emails Guide for non-NHSmail users.

For more information about why we have to send emails via a secured route, please see information at:

Thank you for your understanding.