From Neil Goringe NG Physiotherapy

I am pleased to let you know that NG Physiotherapy is reopening to virtual and face to face appointments.

Under current government guidelines we must adopt a virtual first approach. During our virtual session we will go through the history of your injury and offer lifestyle advice, self-treatment techniques and go through an individualised exercise programme. The appointments can be via video or telephone.

Face to face appointments following your virtual assessment are available if your symptoms cannot be managed remotely. I am reopening on 10th July for face to face appointments. Under current guidelines face to face appointments are not permitted for anyone over 70, who is shielding or in COVID high risk groups.

Face to face appointments will look different from what we are all used to. A thorough risk assessment has been completed, and is available on request. The Physiotherapist will meet you outside of the surgery, and we will socially distance for as much of the appointment as possible. During the session you are asked to wear a face covering, whilst the physio will have a surgical mask, gloves and apron throughout the appointment. A gap between patients allows for thorough room cleaning and avoids patients crossing paths. More details are available to those who will have face to face appointments.

Whilst I hope your injury has resolved since we last spoke, please do get in touch to book the virtual first appointment on 07766 966525 or email me at and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Virtual consultations are covered by all major private medical insurers. Self-pay rates are:

  • £45 initial appointment(45 mins)
  • £35 follow-up appointment

We are so grateful for all your support during this challenging time as we begin to rebook existing patients and those on the waiting list

Best Wishes

Neil Goringe

NG Physiotherapy