Covid Vaccination Update 01/04/2021

All patients who had their first Covid vaccination at Finchampstead Surgery or Swallowfield Parish Hall in January should now have been invited for their second vaccination. If you had a first vaccine with us in January and have not been invited for your second please contact the Surgery.

All patients who had their first vaccinations with us from February onwards will be contacted by the Surgery to be vaccinated within the 11 to 12 week timeframe – please do not contact us asking for a date we will contact you once we have availability.

If you had your first vaccination at one of the local hubs you will need to go back to the same location for your second vaccination.

If you are in a younger age group please do not contact the surgery asking when you will be called. NHS England will be inviting you to attend a HUB. We are currently not expecting a delivery of vaccines to give first vaccines to the under 50’s. Information is on the website.