COVID Autumn Booster

We will be holding further vaccination clinics at the surgery. Our next BOOKABLE clinics will be on Saturday  8th and Saturday 22nd October and will start to administer the Autumn  Booster to our patients in care homes, the housebound, those who are aged 50 and over and all patients in the clinical extremely vulnerable group. We will invite in order of age starting with the eldest.

We will send out texts to our patients with mobile numbers giving a link to book directly into one of these clinics. If you do not have a mobile or a smartphone that will let you go onto the link please phone the surgery after 2pm to book directly with us. (Please do not phone on a Monday) Please do not call us if you are in a younger age group, we will update this page on the groups we are calling.

You can also book at HUBS from 5th September for clinics starting from 12th September. Due to the high numbers of patients in the cohort for the booster you should be able to book your appointment sooner with them.

The covid vaccine we will be administering will currently only be the Moderna spikevax bivalent

We will not be administering the vaccine for children, you will need to book at a HUB. We will not have the vaccine in the surgery.

You will need to have a gap of at least 3 months between your spring booster and autumn booster – please do not book early as you will be turned away.

Seasonal Flu Vaccines

We now have all flu vaccines in surgery. Again, we will invite you to attend a bookable clinic. If you want to phone the surgery to book an appointment please do not phone on a Monday or before 11:00 as these are our busiest times.