My Cancer, My Choices

We manage a second-hand book stand in the foyer of the surgery and suggest a 50p donation per book. These donations go towards a local charity. Currently, our chosen charity is My Cancer My Choices. This is a volunteer led service offering a range of complementary therapies in a calm, peaceful and welcoming environment.

We are delighted to report that as of July 2018, donations to this charity have reached £3,300. This includes donations from the second-hand book stand in the foyer of the surgery of £417.64.

MyCancer MyChoices are a registered charity and have been operating for just over a year, offering complementary therapies such as acupuncture, reflexology, massage and aromatherapy to patients undergoing active cancer treatment such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. Often patients are unable to access these treatments privately whilst undergoing treatment or have to sign disclaimers when they are having treatment.

My Cancer My Choices operate in two NHS premises – Bracknell Healthspace and the Royal Berkshire Hospital. All the therapists are volunteers but the charity is dedicated to ensuring that they are qualified, insured and attend continuing professional development. 1 in 3 cancer patients will seek complementary therapy during their cancer treatment, according to cancer research statistics, and My Cancer My Choices would like to ensure that this is open to all patients and not just those who are able to afford it.

A diagnosis of cancer can affect every part of your life and raises big questions. Research shows that sometimes simple changes such as healthy eating, exercise and relaxation can make a difference to the journey through cancer. Evidence also shows that complementary therapies can make a difference to the side effects of treatment.

The aim of My Cancer My Choices is to support the patient through complementary therapy to help them to live as well as they can. From diagnosis and throughout treatment, they aim to support people with a diagnosis of cancer by providing a combination of physical, emotional and practical support in a calm, peaceful and welcoming environment.

The aim of this service will be to complement any medical treatment received and to have open dialogue with the oncology staff involved in the patient’s treatment.

My Cancer My Choices offer two free complementary treatments and then hope that those that are able will make a donation to allow them to continue to offer this community service. Therapists give time for free but they have to fund everything from car parking to laundry services. 100% of your donation works hard to keep this service free to patients where possible.

The therapies currently on offer include Acupuncture, Reflexology, Massage and Relaxation techniques, including Mindfulness.

For more information please visit their website