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The New Wokingham Road Surgery

18 New Wokingham Road
RG45 6JL
Telephone: 01344 773418
Fax: 01344 762753


Sexual Health Information

The UK has the highest rate of teenage pregnancies in Europe. At the same time sexually-transmitted disease is on the increase. Using simple protective contraception like male or female condoms would help protect against unwanted pregnancy and sexually-transmitted infections such as HIV (AIDS).

  • Condoms are on sale in supermarkets and chemists, and you can get them free from your family planning clinic.

  • Don't take anyone's word for it, insist on using a condom if you are not in a well-established relationship. Gay men should use the extra-strong variety.

  • Emergency contraception (morning after pill) will reduce the chances of pregnancy but it won't protect you from infections. Condoms will.

  • Emergency contraception must be taken within three days (72 hours) of unprotected sex. Call NHS direct, your family planning clinic, your local genitourinary clinic or your GP to find out where to get it.

Click here for information about teenage pregnancy support.


Sex is an important part of peoples lives. From time to time people may have questions or problems regarding their sexual health they may want to know where they can get a check-up or find out more. It is important to have access to information and services to avoid the risk of unintended pregnancy or infections.

Please click on the link below for further information and support - -  The Safe Sex Berkshire website is a new resource provided by the six Berkshire local authorities and sexual health providers in the county.  Safe Sex Berkshire is the home for sexual and reproductive health in Berkshire providing information and advice, locations and opening times of local services and access to STI testing.


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