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The New Wokingham Road Surgery

18 New Wokingham Road
RG45 6JL
Telephone: 01344 773418
Fax: 01344 762753

Why we... 

Why we... ask what the problem is over the phone for non-urgent doctor appointments?


When patients call the surgery for a non-urgent appointment you may find the receptionist asks what the problem is. This is not the receptionist being 'awkward' or 'nosey', they ask simply to benefit the patient.

To allow the receptionist to direct you to the most appropriate health care professional to deal with your situation, we need to ask about your symptoms.

Our urgent calls are also prioritised, for example - a patient complaining of chest pain will be dealt with before a patient complaining of sinusitis regardless of what time you called. It is your right to withhold why you are calling from the reception team, but doing so may result in your case not being picked up as quick as it could be.


Why we... ask what the problem is when booking appointments with the nurse?


Here at New Wokingham Road we have both a Nurse Practionier and Practice Nurses all of which undertake different procedures. 

The Practice nurses are responsible for blood pressure checks, height, weight, smears and injections. All of which are 15 minute appointments.

But not all nurses do all tasks. Some do asthma checks, some do diabetic checks and others do child immunisations. The appointment times also vary, a spirometry check can take up to 30 minutes while an injection only takes 15. The reception team ask what the appointment is for in order to book the patient in with the appropriate nurse with the appropriate timeframe needed to carry out the procedure.


Why we... dont order repeat prescriptions over the phone?


Currently here at New Wokingham Road we have over 7,000 patients - many on several repeat prescriptions. As patients are already aware, our phone lines can be very busy to to allow phone in with orders could prevent an emergency call coming through to the Practice. We try to cater for those who are unable to attend the surgery but for safety reasons we try to not take medication over the phone. You can email us at or fax us a request on 01344 762753.


Why we... send out recall letters and why you should attend?


The practice sends out recall letters to those who have a chronic disease or are on certain medications. We have a legal and moral responsibility to ensure that regualr checks are undertaken where appropriate and we have a contractual duty to invite certain patients in for recall either 6 monthly or annual. Some medications, such as Levothyroxine, will require blood check and those on the contraceptive pill need annual blood pressure checks. We advise thses checks for your own health so please attend if you receive a letter.


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