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The New Wokingham Road Surgery

18 New Wokingham Road
RG45 6JL
Telephone: 01344 773418
Fax: 01344 762753

The Friends and Family Test


From 1 December 2014, it is a contractual requirement that all GP practices undertake the NHS Friends and Family Test (FFT).

The Friends and Family Test (FFT) is a feedback tool that supports the fundamental principle that people who use NHS services should have the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience that can be used to improve services.  It is not a traditional survey.  It is a continuous feedback loop between patients and practices.  Patients may give feedback via the Friends and Family Test (FFT) after each experience of a practice’s services if they wish and the patient’s responses must be anonymous.

It is NHS England’s intention to be as flexible and inclusive as possible, while creating as low a burden as possible on practices and on patients who want to provide feedback.  NHS England will publish the results every month and all practices must publish their own results locally.

There are various ways for you to take the NHS Friends and Family Test

  1. You can pick up a questionnaire from reception desk or the waiting room. Once completed, your questionnaire can be posted in the NHS England FFT collection box situated in the waiting room.

  2. You can download the test.

  3. You can complete the test online via Survey Monkey

All data collected is anonymous, the data will be submitted to NHS England every month and this will give the practice a rating which will be published on NHS Choices.

There is an NHS FFT feedback box for your further comments/suggestions, which is located in our waiting room. Comments to our own surgery question will not be sent to NHS England and we will use this data to improve the overall patient experience at our surgery.

NHS England have now teamed up with Monkey Wellbeing to produce an excellent FFT feedback form in an accessible format for children and young people.  Copies of this child friendly form can be found in our waiting room or download it here.

Our results can be accessed in paper format, which are located in the Waiting Room or here.




In addition to this, our surgery's supplementary question is 'If we could secure additional funding to improve the facilities at our practice, what change(s) would you like to see?'

Please find attached responses to date and our newsletter which addresses some of the most seen comments as well as other useful information that you may not be aware about. 


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