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The New Wokingham Road Surgery

18 New Wokingham Road
RG45 6JL
Telephone: 01344 773418
Fax: 01344 762753


Who is a Carer?


A carer is somebody who cares for a friend or family member.

The person they  care for usually needs support due to their age, illness, disability, substance, misuse or mental health problem and couldn't manage without this help.

This is not the same as someone who provides care as their job, or through a voluntary organisation.

Caring for someone covers lots of different things, like helping with their washing, dressing or eating, taking them to regular appointments or keeping them company when they feel lonely or anxious.

If this sounds like you then you are considered to be a carer.

We keep a GP Carers Register at our surgery of patients who are also carers. This can help us better understand the condition of the person you care for, and to look out for the warning signs of illnesses that are common among careres, such as back pain resulting from heavy lifting or stress.

We may be able to offer extra support such as more readily available home visits, flu jabs or more flexibility with appointments or obtaining repeat prescriptions.

Please let us know if you are a carer and we will add you to our Carers Register.


Carers Action Plan 2018 - 2020: Supporting carers today

In line with Carers Week this week, this plan sets out the cross-government programme of work to support carers over the next two years. You can view the plan here.

Contact: Sarah Garner, 

Information, advice and support for carers:

If you live in Bracknell Forest:



20-21 Market Street



RG12 1JG

T: 01344 266 088. Email:



If you live in Wokingham:

Contact Wokingham Outreach Carers Service on 0118 324 7333, email or go to


Please click here for the Wokingham Outreach Carers Newsletter - April 2018


Carers UK

A membership charity for carers which provides information and advice and campaigns for change.

Carers Direct

NHS helpline. Call 0300 123 1053


Carers and Disability Benefits


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